Scrum Master Integrated Training Package
  1. Certification & Examination
    Certification Course & Examination by ScrumStudy!
    Certification Course and Examination by Scrumstudy. Access to Online study Material. 2 Exam retakes included. Practice questions included.
  2. Practical Training
    2 day practical training class!
    2 Day Practical Training Class with hands on experience. Real Project Scenarios. Class Assignments.
  3. Resume Development
    Make your resume stand out!
    One Free Resume Makeover Tips to customize your resume for each job role
  4. Interview Preparation
    Prepare to wow your interviewer!
    Interview Tips. Interview Preparation. Mock Interview. Sample Interview Questions & Answers.
  5. Linkedin Optimization
    Get your Linkedin Profile noticed!
    Practical Class on Optimizing Linkedin Profile. Linkedin Makeover.
  6. Jira & Confluence Training
    Training on Jira & Confluence Tools!
    One Month Free Access to Jira & Confluence. Practical Training on Jira & Confluence.
  7. Mentoring
    Mentoring Services
    Lifetime access to our trainers. Post Training Support. Mentoring.
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